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Kent's Luxury Outdoor Spaces & Rooms

Welcome to KLOSR Group. We are pioneers in reimagining the subcontractor delivery model by incorporating the entire design team process under one roof. We specialise in conceptualising, designing, fabricating & constructing bespoke luxury outdoor spaces and swimming pools in the Southeast of England. 

Under one group our skills are not limited to a single discipline. When it comes to a complete overhaul of your outdoor space, we offer a solution for every stage of the design & build process. From conceptual design, architectural design & planning drawings, engineering drawings & calculations, to MEP engineers & our skilled craftsmen/ installers, we are able to quality control and manage the entire project from start to finish.

Bespoke Motif.

Flawless Execution.

We utilise the strengths of every member in our team to help you achieve a truly remarkable transformation to your home and lifestyle. Advising you on the best design and construction solutions for your budget, space and requirements. Our dedicated installers deliver the highest standard of product, with a permanent quality control officer devoted to your project until the very end. 

We are firmly planted on the forefront of industry advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, which helps us lead the way of innovation in our field.  From start to finish, our skilled craftsmen are connoisseurs in their respective fields, each with a long successful pedigree in their professional career.

Curriculum Vitaé


KLOSR Design brings a taste of London to the Southeast & surrounding areas by taking full advantage of our London-retired structural engineers, architects & conceptual designers. By encapsulating the preliminary design & build process under one studio, our skilled team can collaborate effortlessly to provide you with the most cost-effective solution whilst giving you the best utilisation of your space.

On a typical design & build delivery model, it may take weeks of revisions of back and forth between the architect/ conceptual designers and the structural engineers/ MEP engineers before an agreed tender is put in place. With our delivery model this is not the case, reducing the preliminary design stage duration and costs by more than half.

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest 3D modelling and analytical software, virtual/ augmented reality devices and offers a wide range of custom design & build services on swimming pools, spas, garden rooms and landscape architecture. Whether you are seeking to add a visually stunning investment to your home, require engineering solutions to your bespoke indoor/ outdoor space or are after SPATA nominated pool design to add to your existing pool installation brochure – KLOSR Design will deliver an unmatched experience.


KLOSR Pools challenges the outer limits of what’s recognised in bespoke pool design, installation and tailored finishes. By meticulously theory crafting pool ideas from SPATA champions and enhancing them within our design studio team, we are pushing the boundaries of bespoke compositions and exploring the extremities of what’s thought possible when it comes to visual luxury and physical indulgence. 

Whether you’re looking for an intimate garden or a private luxury resort, we have the team and the skillset to make it happen. From modern infinity edge to organic minimalism, our team of expert designers and builders can create the perfect elevated or in-ground swimming pool for your home and outdoor living space. The perfect home isn’t complete without a well-designed outdoor living space. Let our team bring the best of home living to your exterior space with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, sunken area, covered patio, fire pit, lounge area and more.  

If you are not in our service area or choose to use a builder other than our team, we can also provide you with the 3D renderings and printable plans that you can provide to your contractor.


Since the Industrial Revolution, the energy mix of most countries across the world has become dominated by fossil fuels. This has major implications for the global climate, for human health and in recent years with depleting resources – the financial pressures implicated on the public. 

Whether you are making the switch to solar/ wind for a cleaner energy solution or you are interested in significantly reducing or eliminating your electricity bill, KLOSR Energy can help. We offer custom solutions for your home energy needs and provide full service and support from initial consultation and design to installation and activation. By pairing solar/ wind with a backup battery solution, you can store the energy your system generates for use when you need it most. Home energy storage will offer more freedom from time-of-use rates, help you offset your evening usage and provide seamless backup power to keep essential home appliances running during an outage. 

With the rising cost of energy across the UK, we are having to choose our grandeurs and prioritise the necessities over our luxuries. KLOSR Energy aims eradicate that argument and bring clean, sustainable, and inexpensive energy solutions to our outdoor space & home improvement services.


KLOSR Mechanical is a well-established and successful M&E specialist team, deeply embedded in some of the UK’s most luxurious establishments, providing state of the art solutions to our clients in high end hospitality and domestic environments. With over 12 years expertise in mechanical, electrical & plumbing, with both domestic and commercial gas certifications – we offer a range of services from general systems checks to installation of state-of-the-art spa filtration systems.

Our engineers install and design systems with your entire project in mind to help you avoid surprises and issues down the line. From specifying tap sizes, to deciding the location of incoming utilities, we carefully orchestrate your plumbing and mechanical needs to integrate with your overall existing infrastructure. 

Commercial plumbing and mechanical systems are a lot more complex to account for more frequent use and require more maintenance to keep the systems running properly. Our engineers are thoroughly trained to assess the situation and effectively respond in a way that treats the source of the problems efficiently and to the highest standard. 


KLOSR Garden Rooms reimagines the stereotype of the commonly used ‘cladded shed with French-windows’ design. We believe a garden room should be exactly that – but more. A room with purpose, versatility, and practicality, but also be visually remarkable. We like to think of our garden rooms as a bespoke extension of your home, designed with your requirements and surroundings in mind – not just a prefabricated drop in. 

We take pride in building beautiful, bespoke, quality garden rooms, garden offices and garden annexes that are built to exceed building regulation standards and have a life expectancy of a minimum of 60 years. 

We have spent years researching and developing the construction of our garden rooms, having had extensive input from the best structural engineers, architects, and manufacturers in the building industry. Every KLOSR Garden Room is constructed using the latest manufacturing advancements such as cold formed steel and SIPS Panels which prove to be stronger than traditional building methods, better insulated and can be constructed in just a few days.

Exhibition Showroom

In a world of technological advancements in augmented/ virtual reality and a growing number of online stores, we are disconnecting more and more from the physical world when it comes to deciding on making a purchase. We believe that seeing is believing and the theatre of exploring and stimulating the senses of a physical product is being lost as we enter the digital age. 

The age-old proverb of no school like the old school is prominent at KLOSR, that is why we have embodied our values and services into a single physical place for you to explore. Once complete you will be able to book a visit to our showroom based in Kent and familiarise yourself with the KLOSR standard. Boasting elements from each corner of what we have to offer you can enjoy our colossal day experience with a fully furnished, spa, sauna, swimming pool, hot tub, bar, and entertainment areas – all conceptualised, designed and built within our specialist in-house team. 

Once you are satisfied with the KLOSR standard, then enjoy a free no obligation consultation with our sales team & conceptual designers where you will get a first-hand experience of what value we can bring to your home and how we can enhance your lifestyle. Our design team will meticulously theory craft your ideas into a 3D environment where you can enjoy a 4K Virtual Reality immersion in your new luxury outdoor space with one of our high spec VR devices.



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